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We offer our employees local and fresh food every day. In 2019, we received the “healthy cuisine” award from the Province of Upper Austria.


Our own fitness studio is open seven days a week and offers a variety of modern fitness equipment as well as guided training.


Employees can participate in further education. For our apprentices we additionally offer self-development trainings.


A collection of different goodies for our employees such as bonuses for various occasions, excursions, gifts throughout the year, fruit baskets, company physician and free vaccines, generous parking space, and much more.

Apprenticeship program at Promotech

We train skilled workers in the fields of mechatronics, plastic and metal technology (module tool making and mold construction technology). There is also the opportunity to participate in special support courses. In addition, further supplementary trainings such as personality trainings as well as instruction courses on camera systems or robots are added to the professional training and education.


Contents of the apprenticeship training program and job description of a …

Plastics technician

A plastics technician creates plastic parts or so-called “hybrid components” made of plastics and metal. The final products represent parts of equipment or machinery that are particularly important for safety reasons and, for instance, needed in airbag or parking sensors of cars, in connector strips or in industrial applications. The used material are plastic matrices (granulates) which have to be previously prepared with the help of different additives.
The work is both manually (sawing, drilling, cutting, bonding, soldering, hardening) and with large-size computer-controlled manufacturing machines, which have to be operated and monitored. A plastics technician is also responsible for the removing and refitting of the individual tools from and into the machine, depending on the respective production requirements. For the purpose of quality control regarding the products manufactured, different measuring and testing devices are applied and documentations and parts lists are set up and maintained.

Metal technician

A metal technician (training module: tool making and mold construction technology) manufactures special production tools from metal that are required in plastic production lines. These tools and appliances are built according to technical plans and specifications and are used, for instance, to punch components in a proper and precise manner, to produce components correctly using plastic injection molding technique or simply to hold the work piece in the proper processing position.

In order to create such tools, metals have to be processed by means of drilling, milling, turning, grinding, welding, riveting, soldering, etc. If required, these tools also have to be continuously maintained and repaired. Important instruments for this work are fully or semi-automated machines (e.g. milling or eroding machines). For the employment of computer-operated CNC machine tools,  manufacturing programs, which are individually required for the specific purposes, are developed.

Mechatronics technician

As a mechatronics technician, the focus is on everything that lies within the intersection of mechanics and electronics in the production department of the enterprise. We have achieved a leading position within our industry sector in the field of interlinked mechanized systems and own numerous fully automated production lines.

The work comprises the creation and processing of mechatronic components, assembling mechatronic modules and components and synchronizing them. In addition, setting up electronic and pneumatic/hydraulic controls as well as controls based on information technology, inspecting and maintaining them and carrying out repair work, if required. Complex mechatronic systems are put into operation, their functions set up, and the systems programmed and operated.

Performance is rewarded!

Bonus scheme 1:

For every apprenticeship year passed with “good success”, our apprentices are rewarded with an additional payment of half a monthly apprenticeship remuneration; for each year passed with “excellent success” they receive one full monthly apprenticeship remuneration. If the final apprenticeship exam is passed with “good success”, a further half of a monthly apprenticeship remuneration is paid out, while the final exam passed with “excellent success” is rewarded with a full monthly apprenticeship remuneration

Bonus Scheme 2

For every apprenticeship year passed with “good success”, our apprentices obtain shopping vouchers equivalent to 50 euros, for each year passed with “excellent success” they obtain vouchers equivalent to 100 euros. If the final apprenticeship exam is passed with “excellent success”, our apprentices may choose a motorbike from a selection of 250 cc motorcycles, while a 125 cc motorcycle is offered for a final exam passed with “good success”.

Heading into the future with us

Skilled workers, who have completed our apprenticeship program, await a variety of different tasks – for a start, in the trade one has been trained in. After several years of practice in the original discipline, one also has the chance to change to other departments, such as quality assurance, project management, production or sales and get the opportunity to attend advanced vocational training courses. In addition, a top career in our enterprise is within reach for you – quite many of the top executives currently holding key positions in the company have started their careers as apprentices at Promotech.