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Product development and engineering


Prototyping and initial sample submission are indispensable elements of the qualifying process in the automotive industry and a matter of course in our development and manufacturing process. With the help of simulations, the construction of prototypes and the production of pre-series we enable the necessary testing procedures and correction runs and ensure that in serial production our components comply with the specified characteristics in a timely manner.


A proper tool is the prerequisite for precisely punched parts and high-quality injection molding. In order to comply with our high quality standards, we manufacture our key tools and molds ourselves in our own plant and we also carry out any form of repair and maintenance work. In more than 20 years of practice we have accumulated a huge potential of experience and expertise, which has made our tool and mold making exemplary in terms of quality standards. Qualified skilled workers and state-of-the-art machinery are at your disposal for the manufacturing of new tools as well as for repair and maintenance work at any time.

  • Injection molding tools for plastics
  • Punching tools
  • Progressive die tools


Promotech specializes in the manufacturing of highly complex injection molding components with precise metal contacts. We manufacture and assemble the entirety of our products on fully automated production lines and guarantee a zero-defect serial production, based on our comprehensive and continuous quality control measures. Our customers benefit from our complex capacities and the fact that they get everything from one single source, which means increased flexibility and efficiency.

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