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Promotech - Completing Innovations

Mission statement

We are the specialist partner for the automotive industry.

Since 1995 Promotech has been successfully focusing on contact components for the automotive industry. We even peaked our specialization – in the best sense of the word! – by becoming world market leader for contact components for parking sensors and one of the leading companies worldwide in the development and serial production of metal punchings and hybrid components for the automotive industry.

Modern technologies are absolutely indispensable for technical progress. However, equally indispensable is the human spirit, the expertise of experienced engineers and the courage to implement innovative ideas. The combination of all the aforementioned qualities is what makes our business so fascinating and what represents at the same time the driving force for our success:

Promotech acts as partner for the leading contact component suppliers of the world. From concept to serial production.

We understand our customers.

We have a deep understanding for the needs of our customers – their ambition to develop new solutions, to make cars safer, more comfortable and more environmentally friendly.

We know our craft inside out.

Electronics represent the most essential pacemaker when it comes to continuously improving the quality of cars. The secret force behind each individual electronic component is human innovative spirit, expertise and work power. Our employees know their craft inside out. From concept to serial production.

We count on our employees.

Our teams are technically highly qualified, efficient and motivated. The need for creation and dissemination of expert knowledge is self-evident for our employees: In our capacity as approved apprentice trainers, we foster the potentials of our young talents thus ensuring the future of our enterprise.

We count on long-term partnerships.

Our suppliers make a substantial contribution to the quality of our products. Therefore, we demand the same high quality standards from them as from ourselves.

By means of environmental protection and sustainability we safeguard our future.

With the help of systematic maintenance and service of machinery and production plants we aim at saving both energy and material resources. Vocational training courses and a steady flow of information enhance the motivation and the environmental awareness of our employees, which, in turn, is something also our customers benefit from.

Subsequently, throughout the entire world, the name Promotech stands for first-class

  • Quality
  • Precision
  • Efficiency
  • Flexibility


From subcontracting to model company

Foundation of the enterprise in Schalchen, Upper Austria. Starting of the production with manual assembly operations.

Ing. Günter Benninger joins the company. The company receives first small-volume orders for the production of overmolded parts: contacts and grids for the automotive industry.

Construction of the new, modern administration and production building with a surface of 1,200 m².

Take-over of the former FORMPLAST + FORMBAU Lechler company and foundation of PROMOTECH Kunststofftechnik GmbH in Langenzenn near Nuremberg (Germany).

Integration of the production department of Langenzenn into the Schalchen plant.

Expansion of the plant to an overall surface of 5,400 m²

Integration of the tooling department of Langenzenn into the Schalchen plant.

Foundation of PROMOTECH Bosnia.

Expansion of the operation site to 10,000 m²

20th company anniversary.


1995: Female workers performing assembly operations


1997: Skilled worker carrying out the programming for the production


1998: Plant and office buildings after the first expansion phase


2003: First plant with partial mechanization


2003: Expansion of the operating site in Schalchen from 1200 to 5400 m²


2003: One of the first complete systems that combined injection molding with assembling


2014: Ground-breaking for the expansion of the company building to 10,000 m²


2015: State-of-the-art machinery


2016: An innovative, successful enterprise with a friendly, familiar working environment.


In order to meet the high demands and requirements on the part of our customers, in particular of the automotive industry, we perform the entirety of our services in accordance with – inter alia – the strict provisions of the ISO/TS 16949:2009 standards as well as the EN ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Certification.

The PROMOTECH management system has already been certified for years in accordance with the international standards ISO9001/ISO 14001/ISO-TS16949.

Promotech disposes of all certificates required, such as:

Environmental responsibility

“We are certified in accordance with ISO TS 14001 standards. Compliance with the Environmental Directives characterizes our entire company policy.”


We do not only talk about our values, but turn words into deeds. Numerous, most diverse forms of awards provide evidence of our commitment in numerous fields, be it in the training and education of our apprentices, who are particularly dear to us, in questions of environmental awareness and protection, or regarding technical or industry-specific issues.


Gold Decoration of Merit of the Province of Upper Austria for Ing. Günter Benninger


Silver Economics Medal of the Province of Upper Austria for Ing. Günter Benninger


SME World Champion for niche products