Austrian know-how – employed throughout the world

Completing Innovations: We think differently.

As a global market leader for contact components, our family-run business offers career opportunities in various fields. People, who have the courage and expertise to implement innovative ideas, are the key to our success. About 300 employees show since 1995, that “quality made in Schalchen” is highly successful on the world market. Our products bring more safety and comfort to your car: from airbag components, rain-light-humidity sensors or parking sensors, our components provide a valuable contribution to modern life.

CEO & company founder Günter Benninger

The fully automated production of high-precision products is our core competence. It ensures our high quality standards and turns us into a globally acting, successful partner for the automotive industry. With our specialization on multifunctional housing components and high-precision contact components, we substantially contribute to more safety and comfort in cars. We produce components for the top brands of the international automotive industry.

What started in 1995 with a number of small series, mainly for entertainment electronics, has developed into a renowned model company with more than 300 employees and excellent, often awarded apprentices. We can really be proud of such a development!

Ing. Günter Benninger

CEO Michael Benninger

I am proud that I have the opportunity to work in such a great company. What my father has created is truly unique. Because of this special heritage, we do not want to rest on the success of former years. We want to keep going strong. Every day, we challenge ourselves to change and improve. Because only continuous reflection helps us to stay on top. The most important assets are not our machines but clearly our employees.

Our actions are taken out of the responsibility we have as a family-run business, since we are accountable not only for our 300 employees but for 300 families in our region. I am thrilled that together with my father we are leading the way into the second generation and a bright future ahead of us.

Ing. Michael Benninger, M.Sc.

Mission Statement

With courage and innovation from Schalchen, we actively shape the technical progress and bring worldwide more safety on the road.

Our values


We put emphasis on mutual trust and give our employees freedom of action and design and are confident that they use it within the meaning of our business goals. We stick to decisions made.


Modern technologies are the essential drive for technical progress. Equally important are our employees, who have courage and knowledge, to implement new ideas. Because we are already working on tomorrow’s solutions today.

Common sense

We are not slowed down by prejudices, but reach conclusions based on our experience, practicability, and with regard of possible Impacts.


We consciously decided on strong regional partners instead of outsourcing to low-wage countries. We work with and for our region and play an active role in the community.


Our goal is the continuous improvement of our environmental performance. Abidance by the law is a prerequisite for our actions. Because environment protection and sustainability concern all of us, we train our employees on a regular Basis.


From subcontracting to model company


In order to meet the high demands and requirements on the part of our customers, in particular of the automotive industry, we perform the entirety of our services in accordance with – inter alia – the strict provisions of the ISO/TS 16949:2009 standards as well as the EN ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Certification.

The PROMOTECH management system has already been certified for years in accordance with the international standards ISO9001/ISO 14001/ISO-TS16949.

Promotech disposes of all certificates required, such as:

Environmental responsibility

“We are certified in accordance with ISO TS 14001 standards. Compliance with the Environmental Directives characterizes our entire company policy.”


We do not only talk about our values, but turn words into deeds. Numerous, most diverse forms of awards provide evidence of our commitment in numerous fields, be it in the training and education of our apprentices, who are particularly dear to us, in questions of environmental awareness and protection, or regarding technical or industry-specific issues.