State-of-the-art inline production manufactures everything from a single source


Plastics technology has always been a matter for specialists, since plastics can still bear some surprises. Our core competence lies in the field of plastic and metal compounds. These parts are overmoulded and are used, among other things, for airbag sensors, parking sensors, male connectors or other plug connectors.

Depending on the different requirements, different types of plastics are used:

  • Plastics with metal fibers for the shielding of housings
  • Non-conductive plastics
  • Transparent plastics for high-quality lenses
  • 2- and 3-component moulding (TPE – Thermoplastic elastomer)

In close cooperation with mechanical engineers, manufacturing systems have been developed which are able to process various types of plastic in injection molding. In addition, the fully automated production line also comprises directly integrated measuring facilities for total quality control.

The result: zero-defect components with tightest tolerances


Plastics technology:

  • Precision injection molding
  • More than 50 fully automated systems with clamp forces from 25 to 275 tons
    • Vertical or horizontal injection or injection into the respective parting levels
    • Rotary plates / multi-component technology
  • Fully automated assembly
  • 100 % inline quality control with zero-defect strategy

Plastic metal compounds:

  • Injection molding of inserts, punched grids (leadframes), etc.
  • Production of connectors with bondable surface

Production of punched parts

Promotech is a top production plant with outstanding manufacturing competence for contact components with total quality control. Metals are formed to any desired shape by means of high-precision automatic punching presses. Deliveries are individually agreed upon according to our costumers’ needs, or the parts are subsequently transferred to the injection molding process.

Already as early as during the construction phase of prototypes we develop optimum manufacturing processes by performing simulations of the forming processes as well as feasibility studies, which enables us to additionally save time and money.

We specialize in:

  • Punched parts
  • Punched bent parts
  • Electrical contacts
  • Customized contact grids


  • State-of-the-art high-speed presses from 40 to 63 tons
  • Secured and reliable processes through modern tool securing systems
  • 100 % inline quality control with zero-defect strategy: by means of a camera-based measuring system 100% of the parameters are monitored and verified.