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Apprenticeship training program – Process technician

Process technicians (trade requiring apprenticeship) plan the employment of tools and equipment on manufacturing machines and production lines. They operate the production systems and monitor the work processes. They are involved in the production planning and control as well as in the in-plant logistics and warehouse system. Furthermore, they monitor the product quality and ensure the regular performance of maintenance and service work on tools, machines and systems. Process technicians work in workshops of industrial companies, together with their workmates as well as with various other skilled and non-skilled workers.

Fields of activities:

Process technicians are responsible for production planning and assembly planning (in case of the purchase of new machinery) as well as for tasks within the framework of in-plant warehousing and logistics. They plan work steps, the employment of work equipment and processes and calculate the input of resources and equipment required for the production (e.g. raw materials and supplies, as well as tools, machinery and auxiliary means). They supervise the work processes of manufacturing machines and program computer-controlled production lines as well as control and regulation systems. The assurance of the manufactured products’ quality represents an essential part of the process technicians’ work. For this purpose, they take samples, examine them with the help of corresponding measuring devices or transfer them to laboratory facilities for testing.

In addition, also the maintenance and repair of machines and production lines and/or the organization and the monitoring of service and maintenance work form part of the scope of tasks to be performed by process technicians. They keep operation logs and write protocols on work processes, work results as well as on malfunctions or other technical disturbances.

Work equipment / working materials:

Process technicians monitor, repair and maintain manufacturing machines and production lines such as, e.g. transportation and conveyor belts or filling systems. They program computer-controlled control and regulation systems and work with different sorts of measuring devices (for the purpose of quality controls). In addition, they keep operation logs, lists, protocols, records and journals.

Work environment / places of work:

Process technicians work in workshops and production halls of industrial enterprises, forming teams with workmates and various other skilled and unskilled workers.

Key activities and work tasks of a process technician at one glance:

  • Reads technical documentation
  • Determines work steps, work materials and tools as well as work methods
  • Selects, procures and inspects the required materials
  • Plans the employment of tools, manufacturing machines and production lines
  • Operates and controls production systems, and monitors workflows of manufacturing machines and production lines
  • Is involved in the production planning and assembly planning
  • Is involved in the in-plant logistics and warehouse system (flows of materials and goods)
  • Performs quality controls and quality assurance measures
  • Cleans and maintains tools, machines and production lines
  • Carries out simple repair and maintenance work
  • Executes tasks in compliance with applicable standards and safety and environment-related regulations and guidelines
  • Collects and documents technical data concerning the work process and the work results

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